05.05.2008 - RMK organises forest planting bees for volunteers 10.10

This year, the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) will plant 11.2 million tree transplants in the state forest, of which up to 400 000 will be planted during the planting days to be organised until the middle of May with the help of volunteers. At the moment, registration is open for the planting day on Friday, 9 May, in Rapla County, Purila.

According to Ulvar Kaub, Marketing Manager of Forest Management of the State Forest Management Centre, the forest planting bee has become an annual tradition for many companies, schools and groups of friends. “The planting bees have been attended by thousands of enthusiastic volunteers who like to get their hands dirty, and over time, such forest friends have appeared that will be seen each year again and again,” Kaubi added.

Volunteers will be planting forest from the end of April until the middle of May all over Estonia. A great planting day for which registration is still open will be held this Friday, 9 May, in Purila village, Rapla County. Trees will be planted in two areas on a total of 2.8 hectares, and the event will begin at 10. To participate in the bee, please register at the website of RMK at www.rmk.ee/en; registration is open until 7 May or until places are full.

The planting bees held all over Estonia for the fifth year already will this year be attended by almost 4000 people who will plant 400 000 trees at the guidance of RMK. These are mainly spruce transplants, which are the easiest to plant.

In its activities, RMK, the manager of the Estonian state forest, proceeds from the principle of renewing the forest on each cutting area. This year, forest will be planted on 4102 hectares and a total of 11.2 million transplants will be planted: 6.3 million spruce transplants, 3.9 million pine transplants and 0.9 million birch transplants, and to a lesser extent also common alder and oak. In addition, forest will be sown on 730 hectares, and on 117 hectares, natural renewal will be boosted.

RMK, the manager of the state forest, is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, aimed at sustainable and efficient management of the state forest: forest renewal, growing and use, and organisation of forest protection. RMK organises game upkeep in the state forest, and ensures forest use related to every man’s right. RMK manages about 40% of the Estonian forests.

Additional information:
Ulvar Kaubi
Marketing Manager of Forest Management of RMK
Tel +372 676 7042, +372 513 7042
e-mail: ulvar.kaubirmk.ee