06.06.2008 - Building a fire in the nature is extremely dangerous! 05.10

In relation to the continuation of warm and dry weather, the fire hazard level remains high in Estonian forests. The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) and the Rescue Board ask people to be cautious when in the forest, and strictly follow fire safety requirements.

As of 6 June, the fire hazard index is almost 10 000 in Lääne-Viru, Lääne, part of Järva, Pärnu and Rapla counties, which indicates an extremely high fire hazard. The visiting and use of forests may be prohibited by local governments in the case of a class 5 fire hazard, that is, when the fire hazard index is higher than 7000.

“According to statistics, 99% of forest fires have been started due to the carelessness or unthoughtful behaviour of people,” said Tiit Timberg, Member of Management Board of RMK. Fires can only be built in the forest, on campfire sites, using a spark arrestor. 177 campfire sites with covers have been established in the recreational areas of the state forest, and the safety of these has been assessed by specialists of the Rescue Board, as well.

In the hot summer of 2006, 6500 forest fires occurred. This year, 1489 forest fires have been registered already. Harju and Ida-Viru County are the regions with the most fires.

Additional information:
Toomas Viks
Press Representative of the Rescue Board
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Tiit Timberg
Member of the Management Board of RMK
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Marketing and Communication Manager of RMK
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