11.04.2008 - State Forest Management Centre (RMK) established a science foundation for the scientifically bas 10.10

The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) called together a scientific council composed of academic specialist experts to advise RMK’s management on the commissioning of applied research related to forestry management. To fund selected research projects, MEEK 1 has been allocated for RMK’s science foundation this year.

According to Aigar Kallas, Chairman of the Management Board of RMK, the appointed council and established foundation are expected to increase the weight of science in the making of decisions on forestry management. “Conducting applied research on forests enables answers of a high scientific level to be obtained on issues of an applied nature and on problems and issues that frequently rise in the management of state forests,” said Kallas, explaining the broader background behind the creation of the science foundation. “To date, there has been little scientifically based forestry management in Estonia”. With the help of the established foundation and scientific council, the priority of applied research is diverse and sustainable forestry to be implemented under the Estonian circumstances, including ecological, economic and social research directions.

The jurisdiction of RMK’s scientific council includes the definition of priority research subjects, feasibility analysis of research and evaluation of the applied nature of project applications with a view to their innovativeness and results.

Consent to participate in the work of the scientific council in an expert capacity has been provided by Asko Lõhmus, Head, Working Group in Conservation Biology, Tartu University; Prof. Krista Lõhmus, Chair, Department of Ecological Physics, Tartu University; Prof. Kalev Sepp, Department of Landscape Management and Conservation, Estonian University of Life Sciences; Prof. Rein Ahas, Chair, Department of Human Geography and Regional Planning, Tartu University; and Kalev Jõgiste, Head, Department of Forest Biology, Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering, Estonian University of Life Sciences. In addition to the academic experts, the scientific council includes also RMK staff.

Experts were selected for the scientific council based on their scientific qualifications, number of scientific papers published in the last five years and whether they have done applied science and integrated science. The members of the scientific council were elected for three years.

Additional information available from:
Aigar Kallas
Chairman of the Management Board of RMK
+372 528 1299
E-mail: aigar.kallasrmk.ee

Kristjan Tõnisson
Head of Environmental Management at RMK
+372 5691 8728
E-mail: kristjan.tonissonrmk.ee