12.09.2008 - Autumn sale underway at the Tartu Tree Nursery 05.10

On 10 September, the special sale of ornamental trees began at the Tartu Tree Nursery, and lasts until the end of the season. Almost 50 different plant species and varieties are on sale at a reduced price.

“If Thuja cost EEK 75 before, then now it is EEK 45,” said Anneli Õun, Sales Manager of the Seed and Plant Management Department of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK). “Also available for a very good price is regular hawthorn, as well as Thunberg’s Barberry, Amur Maple and River Bank Grape.” All perennials are on sale with at a 10% discount and customer card holders will receive the standard customer discount as well.

Tartu Tree Nursery merged with RMK in March of this year. The Ministry of Finance found that as there are forest selection related objects on the territory of Tartu Tree Nursery, which are significant for the state, and as RMK has the required infrastructure, financial resources and knowledge for the production of both planting material for forestry plants and decorative plants, it is logical to merge the activities of the Tartu Tree Nursery with those of RMK in this field.

The plants can be purchased in Tartu at Rõõmu tee 1, Monday thru Friday from 9-18 and on Saturday from 9-15.

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