15.10.2008 - RMK acknowledges the best nature recreation organisers with contracts 04.10

The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) wishes to conclude contracts with nature recreation organisers, with the aim of organising and propagating active nature recreation based on mutual principles and good practices. RMK concluded the first of such contracts with OÜ Matkajuht, a company with extensive experience in organising nature hikes.

“Each such contract gives RMK an assurance that our partner will follow our good practices when organising any kind of event in the forest, and also communicates those practices to the visitors of the state forest,” said Marge Rammo, Head of the Nature Management Department. “At the same time, the contract with RMK is a kind of certificate, which helps people to choose a professional hiking or vacation organiser,” explains Rammo as a benefit of the acknowledgement by RMK of the entrepreneurs.

The role of RMK is to create possibilities for hiking in nature and to encourage the versatile use of the forest. „We are not directly mediating anybody’s services, but we can recommend entrepreneurs who follow sustainable principles and help to preserve recreational landscapes,” Marge Rammo added.

The good practice of RMK’s recreation management describes principles, the following of which assures the sustainable management of the recreation areas. According to this good practice, the organising of forest recreation must provide for environmentally friendly and non-polluting movement, minimising water and air pollution, and preferring activities that promote human-powered movement.

The cooperation contract provides that Matkajuht OÜ may operate on eight RMK recreation areas and organise hiking tours on foot, by narrow boat, by canoe, by raft, on snowshoes, by pushbike or by kick sleigh, as well as adventure games.

RMK has created 12 recreation areas in the state forest, with 720 km of hiking paths, 42 camping grounds and 499 campfire sites. Visitors can stay at 24 forest lodges or huts. RMK offers nature-educational activities at 11 nature centres and at the Sagadi Nature School. Since 1 July 2008, RMK has also managed the Elistvere Animal Park. In 2007, the state forest had 820 000 visitors who came for nature recreation.

RMK is a profit-making state agency, formed pursuant to the Forest Act, whose main objective is effective and sustainable management of the state forest. In addition, RMK creates forest recreation possibilities in Estonia’s state forest and promotes nature-awareness. RMK manages 40% of Estonia’s forests.

Additional information:
Marge Rammo
Head of the Nature Management Department of RMK
Telephone: +372 676 7530, +372 513 7035
E-mail: marge.rammormk.ee

Levo Tohva
Matkajuht OÜ
Telephone: +372 514 9822
E-mail: info@matkajuht.ee