18.04.2008 - The felling-free and forest planting season began in RMK 10.10

For the sixth consecutive year, the felling-free spring and summer season began in the state forest, which lasts throughout the nesting period of birds. This also marks the beginning of the reforestation season, during which RMK will plant over 11 million new trees in the forests.

The time limits of the felling-free season will be established depending on the weather; the season will last until 15 June. “As spring came very early this year, we asked scientists if the start of the felling-free season should be moved to an earlier date, but they said that the regular nesting period would begin at its usual time,” explained Tiit Timberg, Member of the Management Board of RMK.

During the felling-free season, RMK employees plant forests, maintain young growth, clear rides and service the power line protection areas. The area to be reforested this year in the state forest amounts to 4102 hectares. More precisely, 11.2 million seedlings will be planted: 6.3 million spruce, 3.9 million pine and 0.9 million birch seedlings. Black alders and oaks are planted in a smaller number. In addition, forest seed is sown on 730 hectares and forest regeneration is assisted on 117 hectares. The reforestation principle applied in the state forest is that new trees are planted on all cutting areas.

The establishment of the felling-free season derives from the principles of sustainable forest management and the spring and summer cutting strategy of RMK. This guides the activities of RMK so as to better ensure the protection of wild birds, fauna and forest soil and decrease the spread of fungal diseases.

During the felling-free period, cutting is prohibited in the state forest, while the collection and transport of timber continues. The prohibition applies both to legal and natural persons who have purchased the right to cut trees in the state forest. Exceptions are made only for damaged forest in order to prevent the spread of disease and for deforested forest lands, the intended use of which changes after cutting.

RMK is a profit-making state agency, formed pursuant to the Forest Act, the main objective of which is the effective and sustainable management of the state forest. In addition to that, RMK creates possibilities for recreation in the Estonian state forest and develops nature friendly attitudes. RMK maintains 38% of Estonian forests.

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Member of the Management Board of RMK
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