20.11.2008 - The best hunting trophies may be viewed at Sagadi 04.10

On 20 and 21 November, the 8th national judging of hunting trophies will take place at the Sagadi Forest Centre of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK), and will end with the trophy exhibition opening on 23 November at the Sagadi Forest Museum of RMK.

“It is an event that has already become a tradition and, in addition, there has always been a training session for trophy experts,” said Krista Keedus, Head of Sagadi Forest Centre of RMK. “As there are many trophies, there are a couple of dozen of judges, who are all competent experts. A total of seven committees will be judging the trophies and the person responsible is Kaarel Roht from the Ministry of the Environment,” Krista Keedus added.

This year there is judging in an international category, which is why foreign experts are also involved, who will be following the course of the entire event. Also, the international committee will review the best trophies of the contest classes at the end of the judging. Hunting trophies will be judged on Thursday, from 11-16 and on Friday, from 10-14.

The exhibition will be open on Sunday, 23 November at 14.00 and will be open until 21 December every day (except 9 December) from 10-18.

The event is organised by the Estonian Hunters' Society and the Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with the Sagadi Forest Centre of RMK. The event is funded by the Foundation Environmental Investment Centre.

The fanciest trophies of the game hunted by Estonian hunters will be judged and exhibited for more than a year; the last three exhibitions were organised right at Sagadi. In 2006, more than 1000 valuable trophies were submitted for judging, of which 2/3 were exhibited. Buck and elk horns, wild boar fangs and beaver sculls were exhibited the most.

Additional information:
Krista Keedus
Head of the Sagadi Forest Centre of RMK
Tel: +372 676 7077, +372 507 9077
E-mail: krista.keedusrmk.ee