13.05.2008 - 70% of this year’s reforestation has been performed in the state forest 10.10

This spring, 7.8 million trees have already been planted in the state forest, accounting for 70% of the total reforestation volume prescribed for this year. Volunteers have also made their contribution to this – as of today, over 2000 volunteers have participated in the planting bees in April and May, and they have planted 243 000 forestry plants in the state forest.

The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) will plant a total of 11.2 million trees this year to ensure the growth of new forest at each cutting area. The following transplants will be planted in the state forest: 6.3 million spruces, 3.9 million pines and 0.9 million birches, to a lesser extent also common alder and oak. In addition, forest will be sown on 730 hectares, and natural renewal will be boosted on 117 hectares.

According to Tiit Timberg, RMK Management Board Member, trees have been planted and sown on a total area of 3315 hectares, which is 70% of this year’s reforestation volume. “85% of the planned birch planting, 78% of the planned pine sowing and 77% of the pine planting have been completed,” Timberg said. “In the second half of May, we will continue primarily with the planting of spruce”.

Volunteers have also been participating in the reforestation of the state forest for several years already. This year the planting bees are held under the auspices “Estonia grows – forest grows,” and nearly 2200 people have participated in the bees up to now. As of today, volunteers have planted 243 000 transplants – 163 000 spruces, 65 000 pines and 15 000 birches. Forest planting with the help of volunteers continues also this week.

Compared to previous years, the area to be reforested this year (ca 4700 ha) is almost the same and the same quantity of plants will be planted. Last year 9.8 million plants were planted and the reforested areas were supplemented with 1.4 million plants.

RMK, the manager of the state forest, is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, aimed at sustainable and efficient management of the state forest: reforestation, forest growing and use, and organisation of forest protection. RMK organises game upkeep in the state forest, and ensures forest use related to every man’s right. RMK manages 40% of the Estonian forests.

Additional information:

Tiit Timberg
Member of the Board of RMK
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E-mail: tiit.timbergrmk.ee