RMK became an official partner of the Matsalu Nature Film Festival 23.02

RMK and MTÜ Matsalu Loodusfilmide Festival concluded a cooperation agreement on holding the Matsalu International Nature Film Festival and organising environmental education events within the framework of the festival.

At the Festival taking place from 15-19 September 2010, RMK will be furthering awareness of nature through events and workshops aimed at the general public, by promoting principles that support sustainable development and by providing information about forest environments, forest conservation and the practices and options for moving around in the forest and in protected areas.

The agreement concluded on 12 February was signed by Tiit Mesila, Chairman of the Management Board of MTÜ Matsalu Loodusfilmide Festival, and Marju Pajumets, RMK’s Visitor Services Manager for the Western Estonia Region. According to the latter, this year RMK is planning to run children's programmes in Haapsalu and Lihula, photographic exhibitions, various workshops and other festival events aimed at the general public.

Tiit Mesila, for his part, welcomed the decision by RMK to start supporting Estonia's only international nature film festival, and is expecting from the incipient collaboration a great deal of benefit for both parties. According to him, throughout the years the forest, as Estonia's hallmark natural environment, together with its rich animal and plant life, has also been the frequent subject of film festivals.

Makers of nature films from Estonia, Europe and the entire world will participate in the Matsalu Nature Film Festival. Every year, 150-200 films from approximately 50 countries are sent to the Festival. The target audience of the Festival includes those interested in nature and people who live according to a traditional lifestyle. In 2009, 7000 people visited the Festival.

Besides the competition programme, the participants and spectators will be offered retrospectives of Estonian nature films, undergraduate film programmes, workshops and classes with masters and hikes in nature.

A great tradition has grown out of group visits from schools and in recent years the dedicated "Children's Day", when filmmakers introduce children to their work and tools, and children take photographs of nature and draw nature based on themes from films.

The goal of the Festival, which launched in 2003, is in addition to a two-way promotion of nature films (we to the world, the world to us), to add an increasingly growing cultural dimension to Matsalu and all of Lääne County, drawing on the international awareness of the National Park. In addition, to spread the green philosophy, confer value on our traditional living environment respectful of nature, inform the population of the etiquette for moving around in nature, provide information about the natural assets and protected areas of Lääne County and draw attention to environmental and nature conservation issues.

Further information:
Marju Pajumets
Visitor Services Manager, Western Estonia Region, RMK
Tel 522 0259
E-mail: marju.pajumets@rmk.ee

Tiit Mesila
Chairman of the Management Board of MTÜ Matsalu Loodusfilmide Festival, and Director of the Matsalu International Nature Film Festival
Tel 551 0910
E-mail: tiit.mesila@matsalufilm.ee