RMK continues to invest in heritage culture 27.01

In 2010, RMK is investing in heritage culture in Pärnu, Viljandi, Saare and Hiiu counties. A project carried out in Viru County last year provided work for thirty people. The total value of the project (2009-2011) is approximately EUR 1 million, of which 85% is covered out of the EU Structural Funds.

“In 2005, when the first project to map heritage culture launched, we aimed to map all of Estonia’s heritage culture irrespective of the ownership of the land or forest,” Vaike Pommer said.

In a first step, a search will begin for investors. Information days about the project will be held in the hall of the Viljandi Community Cultural Centre, Tallinna tn 5, starting from 14.00 on 3 February and in the hall on the ground floor of the Pärnu Central Library, Akadeemia 3, starting from 15.00 on 22 February. All wishing to contribute to the preservation of Estonia’s heritage culture are welcome to attend.

Partners of Forest Heritage Culture – Expander of a Shared Cultural Space, a cross-border co-operation project in the Southern Finland and Estonia sub-programme of the Central Baltic Sea programme of INTERREG IVA for territorial co-operation include Finland’s Forestry Development Centre Tapio and the Work Efficiency Institute of Finland.

This is a follow-up project. In 2009, works were carried out in Estonia, and the Finnish partners predominantly carried out preparatory works. This year, real investments in heritage culture will be begun also in Finland.

Previously, heritage culture has been mapped with the support of the INTERREG IIIA programme in 2005-2007. County guides to heritage culture in Harju and Järva Counties appeared in print. The project was selected as one of the 5 most noteworthy projects during the programme period.

Further information:
Vaike Pommer
Planning Specialist, RMK
Telephone: 676 7838, 514 3838
E-mail: vaike.pommer@rmk.ee

Map application for heritage culture sites: http://xgis.maaamet.ee
On heritage culture: http://www.metsaselts.ee/index.php/index.php?sisu=tekst&mid=204&lang=est&metsaselts=uohj0iIQ5oOh4mXI-7dL0D402l9