RMK is looking for 151 people to participate in silvicultural works 16.02

The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) announced a procurement regarding silvicultural works, which means that an additional 151 persons will be needed from across Estonia. Some 300 people have already gotten work in the state forest thanks to procurements that were made in the first months of previous years.

With the current procurement RMK seeks people for forest renewal works and for maintenance of young growth. Besides felling works the previous procurements also offered applications in the areas of forestry improvement and road construction.
“Since the current procurement includes predominantly manual work it should be most attractive for smaller businesses,” said Tavo Uuetalu, Member of Management Board of RMK, explaining the procurement.

More information about current RMK procurements can be fond in the Public Procurement Registry and on the RMK homepage http://www.rmk.ee/kuulutused/hanked.

Additional information:
Tavo Uuetalu
Member of Management Board of RMK
Tel: 504 5069
E-mail: tavo.uuetalu@rmk.ee

Additional information regarding procurements:
Reimo Kõps
Head of the RMK Public Procurement Department
Tel: 676 7150, 513 9350
E-mail: reimo.kops@rmk.ee