Production volumes of AS Eesti Metsataim to double 22.12

In the coming years, AS Eesti Metsataim will invest more than EUR 2.8 million to increase production volume from the current maximum of 6 million plants to nearly 12 million plants. To ensure the capacity to invest, RMK shall increase the share capital of AS Eesti Metsataim by EUR 600,000.

“While planning the development of Eesti Metsataim, we have always been ready for a quick increase in production volumes and today there is a clear need for that,” explained Chairman of the Management Board of RMK Aigar Kallas, according to whom Eesti Metsataim should be able to significantly increase its production volume already next year. “Keeping the security of supply and quality in mind, this is the best way for the reforestation of state forests,” explained Kallas.

In total, over the next ten years, AS Eesti Metsataim is planning to invest EUR 2.8 million in both the necessary technology as well as infrastructure. Once the new full capacity has been achieved, the company will be able to produce 11,900,000 forest plants every year, 90% of which will be for the Estonian state forests and 10% for Fin Forelia OY.

As of today, AS Eesti Metsataim, which was founded in 2002, has achieved its initial objectives and production volumes. According to the Reforestation Strategy developed by RMK, approximately 5.5 million additional forest plants with a closed root system will be needed by 2015.

The shareholders of AS Eesti Metsataim are the Republic of Estonia (60%) and the manager of Finnish state forests Metsähallitus (40%). After the share capital increase, in which the co-shareholder does not participate, the share of the Republic of Estonia will increase to 69.9%. The manager of the shares belonging to the Republic of Estonia is the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

Additional information:
Tõnu Reim
Head of AS Eesti Metsataim
Phone 513 3104

Aigar Kallas
Chairman of the Management Board of RMK
Phone 528 1299