RMK is taking 12 000 sixth-graders to the forest this autumn, 12 September 15.09

Today, 12 September, RMK is launching its free study programme “See you in the forest!” aimed at all sixth-grade students and teachers. By 9 September, half of the sixth-graders or 6 000 participants had already signed up for the programme.

According to Helen Luks, RMK’s Chief Nature Education Specialist, the topic of the forest is covered more extensively within life science subjects in the sixth grade than in the other grades in elementary school, and to reinforce this book learning RMK is running free study programmes for everyone interested. “In the programme, we give kids hands-on explanations about the nature of forestry activities and the forest life cycle,” Luks said. “We teach kids to take note of the richness of life in forests and of the link between commercial forests and our daily life, so that they can understand how each action or inaction leaves behind a long-term mark.”

Depending on the programme venue, sixth-graders themselves can step into the shoes of foresters, planning the future of forests, carrying out relevant measurements, identifying plants that grown in the various layers of forest types, inspecting heritage features in a forest or mapping out a site where friends of nature can pitch their tents. Campfire treats include communally brewed tea together with a traditional forester’s snack. RMK is covering the cost of transport in the programme, up to three euros per participant.

The “See you in the forest!” campaign launched today will run through 4 November, with programmes offered by RMK’s nature centres across Estonia.

This year, RMK is staging around one hundred cultural and forestry events on the occasion of the International Year of Forests, to provide information on how Estonia’s state forest is grown and managed.

RMK is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, aimed at sustainable and efficient management of the state forest. RMK grows reforestation material, organises forest works, executes practical nature protection works and is engaged in forest and timber sales. Additionally, RMK establishes opportunities for nature walking and forest holidays in recreation areas, in Estonia’s five national parks and in almost 40 other protected areas, and shapes nature awareness. RMK manages 38% of Estonia’s forests.

Additional information:
Helen Luks
Chief Nature Education Specialist, Nature Management Department, RMK
Telephone: 502 4492
E-mail: helen.luks@rmk.ee