RMK sold 635 large game hunting permits at auction 20.05

RMK sold options for hunting large game cloven-hoofed animals in six hunting regions during this season. The sale was held at an oral auction, which took place this week. The usage rights of these regions belong to RMK. All 635 hunting permits were bought at auction. RMK earned EUR 201,500 from the sale of these hunting permits and 79 hunters participated in the auction.

“The number of hunters participating in the auction, along with higher than expected prices, shows that there are not enough free hunting places in Estonia," said Kalev Männiste, Hunting Chief Specialist of RMK, who executed the auctions. “Options were mainly won by local hunters, including many very experienced former professional hunters of RMK”, added Männiste.

Every hunting permit purchase includes the obligation to perform game care work, collect scientific study material from hunted game, and the minimum obligation to hunt small predators and game birds whose numbers need to be controlled. The hunting place (or hunting area) obtained with the purchase of a hunting permit at auction is granted for usage to a hunting party for one hunting season.

Total auction income will be divided between six hunting regions based on land division. On average, a land owner can earn EUR 1.72, including VAT, per hectare that is part of a hunting region. Income is shared with a landowner when the landowner tells RMK that hunts can be held on the landowner's land and a corresponding contract is concluded. RMK has use of 155,600 hectares of hunting land, of which 23% is privately owned. Thus private land owners can earn close to EUR 50,000 for permitting hunting on their lands.

In order to inform RMK that you approve of hunting activities on your private land, which is listed as a hunting region on private land and is managed by RMK, send an e-mail to rmk@rmk.ee, stating your name, the number(s) of your registered immovable(s) or cadastral unit(s), contact data and your bank account number where you would like to receive the fee for the use of your land for hunting purposes. RMK is awaiting such notifications from land owners until the end of September.

Large game hunting permits include an obligation to hunt at least 8 small predators and 4 game birds, whose numbers need to be regulated, per 1000 ha of hunting area. Beaver hunting obligations will be location based, in regions where their living habits cause floods. Game care work and additional feeding will be done by a winning bidder on the area that was won and at the winner's own expense. Also, the exact extent of the scientific research material that must be gathered from hunted game will also be determined at a later time.

All obligations and limitations have been defined in the contract for using the hunting option. This contract will be concluded with a winning bidder. To ensure that the contract will be fulfilled, a winner of hunting permits must pay a deposit, which will not be returned in case of premature contract termination.

Detailed results of auctions are available at the homepage of RMK: www.rmk.ee/kuulutused/jahiload

 Additional information:
Kalev Männiste

Hunting Chief Specialist at RMK

Phone: 513 9642