RMK’s annual report links last year’s highlights to the classics of Estonian painting 15.09

Last summer saw the completion of an annual report distilling the major events of 2010, illustrated this time around by excerpts from the classics of Estonian painting. The works presented in the annual report are part of the collection of the Art Museum of Estonia and, to borrow a phrase from Heie Treier, the art scholar who picked them out, in creating them the artists looked to the forest as a source of protection, nourishment and inspiration.

Written texts in the annual report, too, emphasise RMK’s broad profile as the custodian, protector and manager of the forest belonging to the Estonian state and of other diverse and rich natural communities. Focus is on the economic value of RMK’s activities like reforestation, cutting and distribution of timber; social values like recreation in and education about nature and RMK’s role as an employer; cultural values like heritage culture, support activities and forestry education; and natural value like protected species and areas, key biotopes, conservation activities, plant production and the like.

The volume has been published in Estonian and English. To view its electronic version, go to www.rmk.ee/pressroom

For a hard copy of the annual report, contact RMK’s Communications Department (press@rmk.ee).