Bicyclists completed the RMK hiking trail in 23 hours 30.08

A group of five adventure athletes, on mountain bikes, completed the 370 kilometre long hiking trail of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) in a record-breaking 23 hours.
According to Alari Kannel, a member of the team of cyclists, they aimed to complete the RMK hiking trail within a day, by following the markings as accurately as possible, which they did. “There are sections on the trail that presume good command of your bike and even the most skilled mountain biker must be ready to push the bike alongside themselves,“ Kannel said and added that when following the trail exactly, one must be ready to get both wet and muddy.

Alari Kannel declared that the part of the trail located in Harju County is technically rather demanding for a bicyclist and harder to pass, which is why they fell behind schedule halfway through. “The other half of the trail was faster; at times, we could speed up to an average of 30 km per hour for long sections,“ Kannel said and added, chuckling, that when they ran out of chain lubricant, cooking oil was successfully used instead.

RMK invites all other hiking groups who have completed the hiking trail to also share their experience. According to Marge Rammo, Head of the Nature Preservation Department of RMK, there are probably quite a few groups who have completed the hiking trail either on foot or by bicycle, so RMK would highly appreciate their feedback.

“All people who have completed the hiking trail can fill in a form on the website of RMK at and upload photos to show they have covered the trail,“ said Marge Rammo and added that the first entries together with recommendations have already been uploaded.

The five-member biking team, including Randy Korb, Heiti Hallikma, Reigo Luurmees, Erki Erm and Alari Kannel, started at Lahemaa, Oandu at 20.15 and finished at Ikla the next day at 19.15.

The RMK hiking trail begins in Lahemaa National Park, passes through six counties, two national parks, nine protected areas, three recreation areas in the state forest and ends at the Estonia-Latvia border crossing at Ikla. The RMK hiking trail is marked with kilometre posts and direction signs. Information boards on the trail highlight forest management and forest heritage, culture and recreation.

Further information:

Alari Kannel
telephone 565 9543

Mari-Liis Kitter
Manager of the Communications Department of RMK
telephone 514 5954