RMK invites applicants to submit new applied research proposals  16.03

Today, RMK’s Research Council will announce a call for proposals to conduct applied research on the sustainable management of Estonia’s forests, with EUR 766 940 authorised to this end for 2011 – 2014.

“By commissioning applied research, RMK will be able to steer research institutions to investigate topics concerning which knowledge is currently scarce, but which are necessary for making the right forest management decisions,” explained Aigar Kallas, Chairman of the Management Board of RMK. “From applied research completed to date, we have drawn valuable insights into how to better plan our forestry improvement operations. In addition, we have learned that using cutting waste at the current rates poses no danger to the biodiversity of our forests.”

Project applications are accepted from today, 15 March, and the closing date for submitting applications is 10 May 2012. Applications must be submitted to RMK’s Research Council electronically. The minimum project funding amount is EUR 6500.

According to Kallas, it is hoped that the new applied research will generate ideas to support the conservation objective as well as solutions for the better management of protected areas and species protection sites, as the proportion of these in State forests keeps growing. Also, RMK is expecting an assessment of whether and to what extent the extensive network of protected areas created in Estonia is actually functioning and preserving natural biodiversity. “For our part, we can make the promise that the results of high-level research will be duly implemented by RMK,” affirmed Aigar Kallas.

Priority research topics proposed by various researchers, research groups and RMK’s representatives, along with the forms for submitting project applications, are available on RMK’s homepage at www.rmk.ee/meist/teadustegevus.

It is advisable to submit project applications well ahead of the closing date, as that way the Research Council will be able to start reviewing them sooner. One of the major criteria in the assessment of project applications will be the level of research proposed on a project application and the research competence of the project promoters.

Created in 2008, RMK’s Research Council is a council of research and specialist experts that advises the Management Board of RMK on the commissioning and assessment of applied research related to forestry management. In 2008 – 2011, RMK allocated EEK 4 million for research to be conducted; out of those funds, three applied research projects were carried out. During the period of 2011 – 2014, RMK will allocate EUR 766 940 for applied research. In 2011 three new projects were selected, with EUR 301 911 allocated for their execution.

Additional information:
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Head Specialist of Environmental Management, RMK
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