RMK mobile app will guide you to your Christmas tree 18.12

In addition to the RMK home page, this year you can also use our mobile app to find a suitable Christmas tree from one of the 145 suitable sites mapped in the state forest around Estonia.

“The state forest is open 24/7 and everyone can get a Christmas tree from either their traditional site or discover new sites in the state forest,” said Toomas Väät, Silviculture Head Specialist of RMK.

Before heading out to find a Christmas tree from the state forest, RMK suggests visiting the special website www.rmk.ee/kuuseke where a web map helps to plan the route and to find the best site for a Christmas tree. The website also has instructions and conditions explaining how to care for your new Christmas tree and how to find the trees.

The 145 sites mapped by the RMK can also be found using the RMK mobile app. According to Toomas Väät each year there are families who are seeking their own Christmas tree for the first time from the state forest. “In that case the RMK mobile app is a handy little helper that guides tree-seekers to the right spot,” said Väät, adding that the mobile app also contains information on paying and caring for the Christmas tree.

The RMK mobile app is free and can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones. The mobile app contains all instructions for getting your Christmas tree, information on payment options, and instructions for caring for the tree.

Once a suitable tree has been found, it can be paid for right on the spot using your mobile phone. Another option is to pay via bank transfer in the Internet bank before heading out to the forest. Christmas trees of one to three metres in height cost from EUR 3 to EUR 13.

RMK is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, aimed at sustainable and efficient management of the state forest. RMK grows reforestation materials, organises forestry works, is engaged in the sale of forest and timber and organises game upkeep. Additionally, RMK establishes opportunities for nature walking and forest holidays in recreation areas, in five Estonian national parks and in almost 40 other protected areas and shapes nature awareness. RMK manages 38% of Estonia’s forests.

Further information:
Toomas Väät
Silviculture Head Specialist, RMK
ph +372 676 7520, +372 520 5734
E-mail: toomas.vaat@rmk.ee

Mari-Liis Kitter
Manager of the Communications Department, RMK
ph +372 514 5954
E-mail mari-liis.kitter@rmk.ee