RMK to plant 17.5 million trees in the state forest this year 29.04

Together with the arrival of spring weather, RMK began reforestation works; altogether 17.5 million tiny trees will be planted this year in the state forest. From mid-April, a two-month felling-free season was also established in the state forest, during which it is only permitted to gather together already cut forest materials and perform cutting in those forests which are not used by birds for nesting.

“The belated arrival of spring postponed the start of planting two weeks beyond the usual time, which, from the reforestation viewpoint, is a very long time,” commented Tavo Uuetalu, Member of the RMK Management Board, on this year’s urgent schedule of spring works. During this period, RMK offers seasonal work for approx. 1700 people – with the majority being involved in forest planting; approx. 200 people will work in nurseries – packing, training and weeding plants.

Most of this year’s planting volume comprises pines and spruces, with 9.3 and 7.2 million plants, respectively. The rest are birches, alders and oaks. On clear cut areas, where it is reasonable to grow broad-leaved trees, renewal is most successfully conducted by nature itself, so that no planting is required. Already for the second year in a row, RMK is also undertaking forest planting in the autumn, when 650,000 spruces will be placed in the soil.

During reforestation, there is a two month felling-free season established in the state forest to protect the nesting time of birds and animals. The suspension of the majority of cutting activity in forests also helps to protect forest soil and reduces the spreading of fungal diseases.

RMK still wishes to draw the attention of people to the fact that certain cutting activities are permitted and are also reasonable to carry out during the felling-free season. For example, it is permitted to carry out sanitary cutting in damaged forests, to prevent the spreading of diseases and to deforest land, the intended use of which will change after cutting. From 15 April to 15 June, people may also undertake felling on pure stands without underwood, where the soil cannot be damaged and where forest birds and animals are interfered with the least.

Further information:
Tavo Uuetalu
Member of the Management Board, RMK
telephone 504 5069
e-mail: tavo.uuetalu@rmk.ee