17.09.2003 - Sagadi Forest Museum presents forest guards’ duties and life 29.09

At 15:00 tomorrow (18 September), a new exhibition will open to the public in the halls of the RMK Sagadi Forest Museum: forest guards’ duties and life over three centuries.

The exhibition will give an overview of the work of a forest guard, from the creation of the position to its final years. The position of forest guard was introduced after the use of forests intensified and forested areas shrank dramatically in the 17th century. The main task of a forest guard was to supervise the use of forests in his area of service. Today, forest guards’ posts no longer exist in Estonia. In private forests, supervision has been assigned to the owner of the forest, whereas in state forests, foresters perform the majority of the duties that were previously carried out by forest guards. At the same time, the transformation of the forest guard’s job over the course of three centuries colourfully reflects the main features of the development of Estonian forestry and the forest industry.

The exhibition will be open until spring 2004.

The aim of the RMK Sagadi Forest Museum, which operates from the Sagadi manor complex at Lahemaa, is to introduce Estonian forests and forestry, including hunting, wood handicrafts, and environmental protection, to all those interested. The museum’s displays cover implements for forest plantation, surveying and cutting tools, hunting trophies, mushrooms, insects, and many other artefacts. The 18th century manor house, with its ancient interior and furniture, is part of the Forest Museum. Different photography, art, and other exhibitions are frequently held in the exhibition halls of the Forest Museum.

Further information:
Krista Keedus
RMK Nature Protection Project Manager
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