18.03.2003 - Internal Audit Unit of RMK shall subordinate to the Supervisory Board  29.09

The Supervisory Board of Estonian state forest manager RMK approved the new Statutes and rules of procedure of the internal audit unit of RMK and appointed a new head to the unit in its regular meeting that took place on Thursday, March 13th.

As prescribed with the new statutes of RMK internal audit unit, the work of the respective unit will be managed by the Supervisory Board of RMK in future. At the same time, the well-regulated procedures shall provide the Director General of RMK to be involved in the organization of the internal audit function while being provided with feedback concerning the work done by the unit on regular basis.

"The intended changes are consistent with international internal audit requirements and provide for the pre-requisites necessary for independent work of the unit and submission of objective information to the Supervisory Board,” said the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Mr. Andres Onemar.

In the future, the work plans, budget, membership and procedure of the internal audit unit shall be approved by the Supervisory Board of RMK. The Audit Committee, formed of the members of the Supervisory Board in July, 2002, is going to coordinate the work done by RMK’s internal and external auditors while submitting the respective reports to the Supervisory Board.

Resultant to the changes, a competition was announced to fill the vacant position of the head of RMK’s internal audit unit. 44 applications for the job were received and the commission decided to appoint Ms Jana Jalast, currently working as the financial manager of AS Webmedia, to be the new head of the unit. Ms Jana Jalast will start working with RMK in the middle of April.

The Board of RMK consists of 9 members: representative of the Ministry of Environment, Andres Onemar; Minister of Environment, Heiki Kranich; Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Raivo Sulg; Head of the Economic Policy Division of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ahti Kuningas; Manager of the Estonian Fund for Nature, Toomas Trapido, Chairman of the Board of AS Sylvester, Mati Polli; members of the Parliament, Vootele Hansen and Arvo Jaakson; and the lecturer of Forest Management Institute of Estonian Agricultural University, Henn Korjus.

RMK is a profit-earning governmental institution, established in accordance to the Forest Act, the main task of which is sustainable and efficient management of state forests: reforestation, cultivation, utilisation of forests and organizing of forest protection. In state forests RMK arranges game maintenance, hunting- and nature tourism and is also responsible for ensuring forest usage, arising from universal forest-related rights.

For additional information please refer to:
Andres Onemar
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RMK
E-mail andres.onemar@kaitsealad.hiiumaa.ee