22.01.2003 - RMK earned 169 million kroons of forest profit last year 29.09

In 2002, Estonian state forest manager RMK transferred 169 million kroons of forest revenue tax to the government budget, which is 10% more than in the confirmed budget. According to the unaudited data, the total income of RMK amounted to 944 million kroons last year, being also 10% more than planned in the budget.

The increased revenue of RMK last year resulted mainly from the growth of revenues, gained by realization of forest materials and cutting rights of growing forest. "The growth of revenues was caused by the continuous increase of timber prices in Estonian market," said Kaupo Kirikall, the Financial Director of RMK. "The advance in prices resulted from the increase of local consumption and grown demand for logs as well by the raise in sawn timber prices in the world market."

Despite of the damage caused by summer storms in 2002 that increased the proportion of timber marketed as forest material, the total volume of prescribed cuttings, determined for sale in the market, did not increase. During 2002, RMK has sold 0,73 million cubic metres of cutting rights of growing forest at the average price of 185 kroons per cubic meter. 1,87 million solid cubic metres with the average price of 396 kroons per cubic metre were realized as timber. The profit gained from other activities (including timber transportation, sale of forest planting material, hunting) amounted to 66 million kroons.

During 2002, the number of forest regeneration materials (forest plants and seeds), marketed by the Joint Nursery of RMK and other nurseries of its forest districts for 9.8 million kroons, amounted to 7,7 million plants. Last year RMK also donated plants to the environmental services of Lääne-Virumaa in order to contribute to the reforestation of the areas damaged by storms last summer.

19.2 million kroons were invested for offering the possibilities of nature utilisation, proceeding from the everybody´s rights and on the promotion of environmental awareness of people. 7.2 million kroons were spent on maintaining  the objects of nature protection and everybody´s rights in the recreation areas. RMK carried out a research survey in ten recreation areas and started to count the number of visits in the Kiidjärve-Taevaskoja recreation area.

In order to promote environmental awareness of people, RMK organized the traditional ”Forest Week”, the campaign ”Clean the Forest!” and the ”Forest Calendar” contest for schoolchildren. The major activities in 2002 included the foundation of camping sites in the recreation areas of Hiiumaa and Pärnu-Ikla, starting the arrangements in turning the Varbola old county town into a recreation area, beginning of the construction of sightseeing towers at Elva-Vitipalu and Tellingumäe, drafting a theme plan for the recreation area of Harku forest.

Within the year 2002, 2.76 million kroons were spent on meeting the requirements proceeding from the hunting management plans in hunting areas under the administration of RMK; the expenses made on offering hunting possibilities to people amounted to 4.1 million kroons.

RMK is a profit-earning governmental institution, established in accordance to the Forest Act, the main task of which is sustainable and efficient management of state forests: reforestation, cultivation, utilisation of forests and organizing of forest protection. In state forests RMK arranges game maintenance, hunting and nature tourism and is also responsible for ensuring forest usage, arising from universal forest-related rights.

For additional information please refer to:
Kaupo Kirikall
Financial Director of RMK
E-mail: kaupo.kirikallrmk.ee