04.02.2004 - Ülo Viilup appointed new Director General of RMK 29.09

At Monday's meeting, the supervisory board of the RMK appointed Ülo Viilup, who is currently employed by the Ministry of the Environment as the Acting Deputy Secretary General on Nature Conservation and Forestry, as the agency’s new Director General.

“The conditions were best met by two equally strong candidates of all those applying for the position of the Director General of RMK,” said Andres Onemar, the chairman of the supervisory board of RMK. “After listening to their opinions about the organisation of management at RMK and examining their test results, the supervisory board decided to appoint Ülo Viilup as the new Director General,” he added.

“The appointment of the manager of RMK for a term of five years is a weighty decision, and the management of state forests is a duty whose quality we can all see in our environment,” said Andres Onemar. “That is why the supervisory board took the decision very seriously, and we are satisfied that a new manager, who has proved his willingness to ensure the balanced management of forests, has been found.”
Since January, Ülo Viilup has been employed as the Deputy Secretary General on Nature Conservation and Forestry in the Ministry of the Environment. In 1975–2003, he worked for the Estonian Forest Survey Centre, and since 1992 as its manager. Ülo Viilup was born in Järva County in 1952 and graduated from the Estonian Academy of Agriculture with a degree in forest management engineering.

RMK proclaimed the competition for finding a new Director General at the beginning of January, and 16 applications were received. The new Director General commenced work at RMK yesterday, 3 February.

The State Forest Management Centre, RMK, is a profit-making state agency established by the Forest Act, whose main duty is the sustainable and efficient management of state forests. RMK grows planting material, organises forest enhancement projects, and sells forested land and timber. RMK offers opportunities for people to exercise their right of public access in RMK’s recreational areas and develops nature education activities.

Further information:
Andres Onemar
Chairman of the supervisory board of RMK
Telephone +372 50 44 331