13.05.2005 - RMKs new supervisory board chose a new chairman and approved the annual report 29.09

The new supervisory board of the State Forest Management Center (RMK), sworn in by an act of the Government of the Republic on April 22nd, held its first meeting yesterday afternoon. The supervisory board reelected Andres Onemar as chairman.

Andres Onemar was RMK's head director, from its establishment in January 1999 until the spring of 2002, when he was chosen as chairman of the supervisory board. Andres Onemar is the Director of the Hiiumaa Wildlife Protection Administration.

The new supervisory board was appointed in regular procedure due to the expiration of the previous supervisory board’s authority. The RMK supervisory board is appointed for a period of three years.

Urmas Tartes, Professor at the Estonian Agricultural University and Chairman of the environmental protection commission at the Academy of Sciences was chosen as the supervisory board's deputy director. “With the election of Urmas Tartes, it was evident that we appoint a highly regarded specialist and recognized scientist”, said newly elected chairman of the supervisory board, Andres Onemar.

Olav Etverk, vice chancellor for naturel protection and forestry at the Ministry of Environment was chosen as the chairman of the
audit commission of the council . The following also became members of the commission: Finance Ministry state budget department deputy director Ivar Sikk, and chairman of the supervisory board Andres Onemar.

In addition to the previously mentioned, the following persons belong to the new supervisory: lecturer at the Tallinn Technical University Kostel Gerndorf, advisor to the minister of environment Karel Rüütli, Parliament members Küllo Arjakas and Rein Randver, and minister of environment Villu Reiljan. The last three listed were also members of the previous RMK supervisory board. “It seems that all supervisory board members are interested in the stable development of RMK”, said Andres Onemar at the first meeting of the supervisory board. “The development schedule will be examined during the next meeting, in July, and none of the members have expressed a desire to start changing any of the basic goals of the RMK.
The new supervisory board approved the RMK’s audited annual financial report for  2004. According to the audited economic results RMK's turnover was 978 million EEK, which was 3% more than in 2003. 178.6 million EEK of profit from forestry was transferred to the state budget (4% increase as compared with 2003); property taxes of 57.1 million EEK were paid. RMK's profit in 2004 was 95 million EEK.
In comparison with 2003, RMK investments grew from 82.1 million EEK to 123 million EEK. The largest investments were in the repair of forest land (43.1 million EEK; 32.5 million in 2003), and information technology (21.9 million; 13.9 million in 2003). Objects for public use were created in the amount of 4.5 million EEK. In order to reduce the amount of interest payments all use agreements and capital rental agreements were terminated; the cost of the buyout was 22.1 million EEK.
RMK is a governmental profit-making institution, whose primary task is the sustainable and effective management of state forests.
RMK grows tree plants for forest renewal, coordinates forest management, deals with the sale of forests and wood and takes care of wild animals. In addition RMK establishes hiking trails and forest recreation areas and also promotes environmental awareness. Approximately 40% of Estonia's forests are under the management of RMK.

Additional information:
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Jaanus Laas, Chief Financial Officer
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