12.03.2007 - European State Forest Association opens its home page 29.09

In March, EUSTAFOR (European State Forest Association) opened its home page where one can access forestry-related documents, the latest statistics and news from European countries. The address of the home page is www.eustafor.eu

EUSTAFOR analyses and investigates forestry development conditions, in order to create preconditions for the sustainable management of European state forests. The Association provides its members with necessary information (especially regarding EU regulations and directives) and represents the common interests of state forests in Brussels. In addition, EUSTAFOR helps to exchange ideas and contacts between the state forest organizations of Europe.

EUSTAFOR started its activities in spring 2006. Most members of the European Union are represented in the Association. RMK has been a full member of the Association since 3 May 2006.

The current Executive Director of EUSTAFOR is Erik Kosenkranius, the former head of the Forest Department at the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Estonia.

Forests cover 43% or 166 million hectares of the area of Europe. The average percentage of state forests is close to the relevant figure in Estonia – 40% forested land.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Kosenkranius,
EUSTAFOR, Executive Director
Rue du Luxembourg 66
1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Phone: +32 29570 4559; +32 23 92304
Fax: +32 2219 21 91
E-mail: info@eustafor.eu; erik.kosenkranius@eustafor.eu