12.12.2007 - RMK conference Cultural heritage in the forest – unvalued virtues 29.09

The event took place in the conference centre of the library of the University of Tartu on 19 December at 10-16 within the framework of the Interreg IIIA program. The purpose of the conference was to increase awareness of the value of cultural heritage and present ways of using it.

“The conference welcomed everyone who regards the heritage of our ancestors to be important and who would like to do something to value and retain it,” said Vaike Pommer, the manager of the cultural heritage project.

Discussions covered the role of education in retaining historical memory, the meaning of place names and the part of cultural heritage in the landscape, and an overview was given on mapping cultural heritage in four counties in North-Western and Central Estonia.

Conference speeches were given by Toivo Meikar, Jürgen Kusmin, Veiko Belials, Mati Tee, Hando Runnel, Heiki Valk, Tõnno Jonuks and Mart Külvik. Lembitu Tarang presented a slide program on objects of cultural heritage.

The conference introduced the books “Small handbook on cultural heritage,” “Cultural heritage of Rapla County,” “Cultural heritage of Lääne County,” and the application of maps compiled during an inventory on the homepage of the Land Board open for public use.

Additional information:

Vaike Pommer
Senior Consultant of the Development and Communication Department of RMK /project manager
Tel: +372 676 7838 or +372 514 3838