RMK to double the growth volume of birch plants 10.06

In the coming years, RMK is planning to double the volume of silver birch in forest planting and for this purpose, is going to renovate more than 11,000 m² of growing fields at RMK’s Tartu Tree Nursery. At the meeting on Friday the supervisory board of RMK made the decision to invest EUR 220,000 to improving the growing opportunities of birch.

According to Aigar Kallas, chairman of the supervisory board, birch is especially suited to former fields and grasslands and for foresting depleted oil shale quarries. “We would also have birch growing in areas where spruces were planted in the 1970s and 80s, but where it would not grow because of excessive humidity in the soil”, added Kallas.

With this investment, RMK is hoping to grow and plant around 2 million birch plants each year. This year more than 18 million trees will be planted in state forests, silver birch accounting for a little over one million.

In order to increase the growth volume of birch, RMK is going to build and renovate 11,250 m² of growing fields at the Tartu Tree Nursery. Construction works are planned for this autumn, additional sowings are going to take place already in the spring of 2015.

The aim of RMK is to grow the amount necessary for renewing state forests and ensure a sufficient seed supply for the whole of Estonia. This will take place in the seven nurseries of RMK and in the Estonian-Finnish joint company Eesti Metsataim.

RMK is the keeper, protector and manager of the forest and other natural biotic communities belonging to the Republic of Estonia. RMK earns a profit for the state through forest management, growing reforestation material, and organising forest and nature protection works. In addition, RMK establishes opportunities for nature walking and shapes nature awareness. RMK consists of the Sagadi Forest Centre, the Elistvere Animal Park, the Tartu Tree Nursery, 70% of the Estonian-Finnish joint company AS Eesti Metsataim and the Põlula Fish Farm. More than 700 people work for RMK.

Further information:
Esko Krinal
Head of plant and seed management of RMK
Telephone 503 8430
E-mail esko.krinal@rmk.ee