RMK was given the task of clearing the Estonian-Russian border area  13.10

Today, at its 25 September meeting, the Government of the Republic gave RMK the order to clear the temporary border line between Estonia and Russia.
RMK is tasked with clearing the temporary border line of trees, brush, bushes and fallen trees and removing them, as well as levelling the ground and uprooting stumps. The total length of the mainland part of the eastern border to be cleared of brush and trees and of the patrol path is 136 km. When clearing a ten meter wide strip, the total work volume would be 136 hectares.

The Police and Border Guard Board in co-operation with the Land Board will have to create boundary lines for the cadastral units bordering the temporary border line and mark the cadastral unit borders. The total cost of clearing the border area will become clear after the Police and Border Guard Board has marked down the border.

A temporary border line is the notional line that separates the Estonian territory that falls under Estonian jurisdiction from the part of it that does not fall under Estonian jurisdiction. The border line is an up to ten metre wide area that faces inland and runs parallel to the state border.