Gnat exhibition to open tomorrow in the Sagadi Forest Museum 16 June 16.06

On Friday, 17 June, the exhibition “With gnats in war and peace”, about the peaceful life of gnats in nature and man’s fight against them, will open in RMK’s Sagadi Forest Museum.

Thematically the exhibition is divided in two. The first part describes the life of gnats in nature, their exciting development cycle, diversity and role. The second part is dedicated to the interaction between man and gnats, offering food for thought on how to make peace with gnats. The meaningful textual part is complemented by several active solutions. A game loving patron may put together magnetic puzzles on the life cycle of the gnat, its role in the water and land food chains, and throw dice in the game “Gnat Circus”.

The exhibition was created under the guidance of the renowned biologist and gnat friend Urmas Tartes who wrote the texts, took most of the photos and shot the videos. “Gnats are insects that matter to people the most. In order to improve our relations, we should get to know the exciting life of the gnat better,” says Urmas Tartes.

The creative agency Pult sculpted the exhibition for the visitor, commissioned by RMK’s Sagadi Forest Centre. According to Asta Tuusti, development manager of RMK’s Sagadi Forest Centre, working with Urmas Tartes and the creative agency Pult widened horizons and was inspiring. “The result is this meaningful exhibition which, by presenting the life of the gnat, tells a story about the connection between nature and man,” says Asta Tuusti.

According to Erika Saks, creative manager of Pult, preparing an exhibition of gnats was a demanding exercise. “There is not much to the size of the gnat, but nevertheless, it is a companion whose presence does not go unnoticed. So we had a tiny but important exhibition subject and displaying it was made especially enjoyable by the masterful storytelling and vivid photos of Urmas Tartes,” says Erika Saks.

The exhibition can be seen at RMK’s Sagadi Forest Museum every day from 10.00 to 18.00.

Some interesting facts from the exhibition:

  • Only female gnats take blood!
  • Gnats mate after singing together.
  • Urban gnats came to be due to the underground.
  • A human can feed on gnats. Daily dose
    1.6–2 kg. Bon appetite!
  • Dirty socks attract gnats!
  • If you love beer, the gnat loves you! Even if sober.
  • Gnats carry diseases that murder over a million people a year.
  • Windy weather is not flying weather for gnats.
  • “Let’s do it” is the greatest anti-gnat campaign in history.

Further information:
Urmas Tartes, Tel: 506 4093

Erika Saks, Tel: 508 6954

Krista Keedus, Head of the Sagadi Forest Centre of RMK,

Tel: 507 9077