RMK award for the best Master’s thesis on forestry was given to Aleksei Potapov 20.06

RMK presented an EUR 700 award to Aleksei Potapov, Master’s candidate in forestry at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, who researched the impact of forest drainage on the annual timber increment. 

The title of the Master's thesis was “Kuivendussüsteemi rajamise ja rekonstrueerimise mõju puude radiaalsele juurdekasvule” (impact of the establishment and reconstruction of a drainage system on radial timber increment) and discussed the increment of Scots pine based on the sampling units both during the period before drainage as well as after the establishment of the drainage system. 

According to Tavo Uuetalu, Member of the Management Board of RMK, the research topic selected by Aleksei Potapov was set apart by its practical orientation. “A large portion of Estonia’s forests are growing in areas with an altered water regime; a majority of drainage systems were built in the second half the 20th century and must be regularly maintained. As also pointed out in the thesis, the draining effect of some of the ditches is more efficient on the growth of trees than that of others and this knowledge can be used during maintenance works,” Uuetalu commented. 

Improved knowledge about the long-term impact of forest drainage also facilitates the preparation of growth models of forest stands, which is in turn important for sustainable forest management. 

The Master’s thesis was supervised by Maris Hordo, senior research fellow at the University of Life Sciences, and doctoral candidate Argo Strantsov. Aleksei Potapov received a grade of A for the thesis and graduated from the Forest Management Programme in the Department of Organisation of Forest Management at the University of Life Sciences. RMK presented an award to the best Master’s thesis at the University of Life Sciences for 16th year in a row. 

In 2014 and 2015 Aleksei Potapov received the EUR 3200 Heino Teder Scholarship, paid by RMK, which is awarded to two Master’s students at the University of Life Sciences in honour of excellent studies.

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Further information:
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