RMK joins the sign of goodwill ‘SIIA SAAB’ 05.01

RMK has joined the sign of goodwill and accessibility ‘SIIA SAAB’ as it provides opportunities to relax in the nature – also accessible to people with special needs.

According to Liisa Pakosta, equality commissioner, RMK’s activities are a living proof that nature and trekking routes can offer experiences to everyone, irrespective of their special needs. “We are forest people in its good sense and therefore access to the nature carries a symbolic meaning,” Pakosta stresses. “And once more it is confirmed that allowing people with special needs access actually benefits all people. While surveys show that a part of our youth and children are losing their connection with the nature, better access helps gain first experiences already when toddlers travel in pushchairs or encourages grandparents to take first steps in the nature Activities designed for different senses offer experience to those whose sensory functions work, yet they underuse them,” Pakosta adds.

Aigar Kallas, Chairman of the Management Board of RMK, stresses that many opportunities offered by RMK are available to wheelchair-bound people, people with sight impairments and hard-of-hearing people but also to people with intellectual disabilities. However, to date we have been able to develop the most opportunities for wheelchair-bound people.

“The opportunity to enjoy the nature is an universal human right. The weather, season or a special need must not be an obstacle to getting to know beautiful Estonia. RMK’s nature centres all over Estonia are accessible to people with limited mobility, as are the Elistvere zoo park and Sagadi forest centre,” Kallas says. For information about trekking and exploring routes, campfire sites, resting places and forest houses, visit RMK’s home page at www.loodusegakoos.ee.

Statistics Estonia, AS Andmevara, National Opera Estonia, Estonian Unemployment Fund, Tallinn University of Technology, Ülemiste Shopping Centre, braches of the Estonian Museum of Arts Kumu, Kadrioru and Niguliste Museum, Theatre Vanemuine, IT College, Film Festival Dark Nights, AQVA Spa & Hotel, Restaurant Tuljak, Metsavenna Farm in the Mõniste rural, Theme Park Clean Water, and Võru Consumers Association’s Maksimarket have all started using the sign of goodwill and accessibility “SIIA SAAB”.

The sign of goodwill ‘SIIA SAAB. Ligipääs kõigile’, created by the office of the equality commissioner, values the open and accessible to everyone environment. Companies and institutions that wish to improve accessibility to their premises, service and information are invited to join the sign.

Additional information, incl. checklists to assess accessibility can be found on the site introducing the sign www.vordoigusvolinik.ee/siiasaab/.