More than 10,000 students participated in the RMK Forest Quiz 17.04

Despite the emergency situation and homeschooling conditions, 10,435 students from 241 schools across Estonia took part in the internet-based RMK Forest Quiz.

‘Organised for the 19th time, questions in RMK’s Forest Quiz were structured in such a way that answering them would develop not only factual knowledge but also the students' ability to discuss and critically approach the source. These questions, where different sources provided conflicting data, proved to be the most difficult for the students, because a choice had to be made as to which source to trust’, said Tiina Neljandik, Communication Manager in RMK’s Visitor Management Department and quiz leader.

In the younger group, the image of the badger family turned out to be a stumbling block when it came to recognising protected species based on their photos – when searching for data on the internet, it was important to determine what year the information came from, because previously the badger was under nature protection, but no longer is. In the older age group, it was more difficult to answer the question of when pine trees left on a felling site "sow" their seeds in the ground. The most commonly offered answer was usually the end of summer and autumn; however, in the autumn of the second year, the seeds ripen inside of the cones, but the cones only open and release seeds the following spring.

All quiz questions and annotated answers are also added to the forest quiz website for review.

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of nature conservation, forest quiz prizes are nature study programmes on the nature trails of our national parks. The prize also includes compensation for travel by bus to the programme. RMK organises trips to Vilsandi, the birthplace of Estonian nature conservation, for the best participants from each age group. We will let the instructors know when the prize trips may take place on the forest quiz website and by e-mail.

RMK's website for people moving about in nature,, which has become familiar to students and teachers through the forest quiz, is worth visiting in the future to find study and hiking trails, campfire and camping sites, instructions for hiking in the forest, and getting to know nature.

RMK would like to thank everyone who took part in the quiz, and we will be organising a new quiz again next year.

Further information:
Tiina Neljandik
Head of RMK’s Visitor Management Department
Telephone: +372-509-9397

Sille Ader
Head of the RMK Communications Department
Telephone: +372-5666-5896