RMK offers additional work in arranging visiting objects 06.05

During the emergency situation, RMK’s hiking trails and visiting objects have achieved a high rate of visitation that is typical of summer, which is why RMK is hiring additional labour to maintain high-quality forest holiday opportunities.

It is already possible to see that with the arrival of the beautiful spring weather the visitation load is similar to that of summer. Which is why RMK has decided to hire additional labour, creating a total of 23 seasonal jobs in different regions across Estonia, to help preserve the beauty of the landscape, perform repairs on visitor infrastructure and maintain objects.

‘The intensification of movement in nature at RMK's visiting sites due to the emergency situation has increased the volume of our daily maintenance work to such an extent that our current workforce needs additional help in tidying up and repairing objects. A summer with travel restrictions will likely result in an even greater visiting load on our trails, which is why we are offering work to diligent Estonians, who can help us to offer quality forest holiday experiences next summer as well’, said Marge Rammo, Head of RMK's Visitor Management Department. According to her, the development of visitor infrastructure will also help to preserve nature and at least temporarily alleviate the job shortage that has accompanied the coronavirus.

The work being offered is an excellent opportunity to do good for the nature that surrounds us as well as for our fellow compatriots who love to move about in the state forest and spend their free time there. In addition to the rapid results that are visible to the naked eye, the workers are also provided with a good dose of physical exercise from working in the fresh air’, said Rammo, inviting those who are interested to engage in practical fieldwork. More information about the job offers can be found on the RMK homepage.

The Rebasmäe hut at RMK’s Räpina-Värska recreation area received a new roof.

In addition, RMK decided to increase the design and construction works for visiting infrastructure, offering the construction sector additional employment in the total amount of EUR 540,000. According to the initial estimate, at least 70 more people will receive work in this way. Thus, RMK is temporarily offering additional work to a total of nearly 100 people.

At the expense of the additional workload, the visiting objects managed by RMK and included in the long-term reconstruction plans, which were not initially planned for this year, will also be reconstructed. Works will be taking place across Estonia, for example, the ruins of Meremõisa Manor, in Keila-Joa Park, are being preserved; the infrastructure of Elistvere Animal Park, in Tartu County; the Suure-Taevaskoja Bridge, in Põlva County; and the visitor infrastructure in Sangaste forest park, in Valga County, are being reconstructed.

One of the favourite places of Estonians is the Meenikunno Bog, in Põlva County. The boardwalk there was built by RMK’s industrious employees.

The additional works are being accompanied by the visitor infrastructure reconstruction works previously planned for 2020 in the amount of EUR 1.7 million.

All works are planned and financed by RMK, and the plan is to start with them as soon as possible. Contractors will receive more detailed information about the planned works and the procurements organised for them from RMK's website and the public procurement register.

Further information:
Marge Rammo
Head of RMK’s Visitor Management Department
E-mail: marge.rammo@rmk.ee
Telephone: +372-513-7035

Sille Ader
Head of the RMK Communications Department
E-mail: sille.ader@rmk.ee
Telephone: +372-5666-5896