Estonia and Finland created the world’s first international network of recreational areas 01.09

The heads of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) and the Finnish Metsahällitus signed a cooperation agreement that created Europe’s first network of recreational areas, the goal of which is to promote and popularise nature and nature-tourism.

The network consists of four popular recreational areas from both countries: Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa, Kiidjärve-Kooraste, Nõva and Räpina-Värska from Estonia, Ruunaa, Kylmäluoma, Oulujärvi and Evo from Finland.

The Estonian and Finnish recreational areas are fairly similar – they allow visitors to partake in nature, rest, relax and travel, as well as try their hands at forestry, hunting and fishing. All objects offer a wide variety of recreational areas with marked hiking trails, campsites and bathrooms. The recreational grounds are beautiful, natural places beloved by visitors. For example Nõlva impresses with its dunes and wonderful sandy beaches and Finland’s Oulujärvis shows off its beautiful forests and coasts.

“RMK’s hiking trails are loved among Estonians. Our recreational and conservation areas are visited by approximately 2.9 million people every year. This cooperation project with our Finnish colleagues gives Estonians the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the recreational areas offered by our neighbours, while our own grounds offer Finnish visitors unforgettable experiences,” said Aigar Kallas, member of the RMK’s Management Board.

“Nature tourism has exploded in popularity during the corona pandemic, and after the pandemic, local tourism will become a good alternative for distance tourism,” says Juha S. Niemelä, Director General of Metsähallitus. “Finnish recreational areas are welcoming to Estonians who are looking for fishing and hunting opportunities. By cooperation with Estonians, we wish to increase sustainable local tourism through digital tools, improve the recognition of our recreational grounds that will invite the attention of entrepreneurs and boost the economy positively,” says Niemelä.

You can find more information on the network recreational grounds on the following websites: and

Further information:
Juha Niemelä
Director General of Metsähallitus
+358 50 500 3681

Aigar Kallas
Member of the Management Board, RMK
+372 528 1299

Visitation numbers of the project’s recreational grounds in the year 2020:
Finnish recreational grounds:
  • Evo 83,100
  • Kylmäluoma 27,500
  • Oulujärvi 52,700
  • Ruunaa 85,900

Estonian recreational grounds:
  • Nõva recreational grounds and Nõva nature centre 261,200
  • Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa recreational grounds and Aegviidu nature centre 117,900
  • Kiidjärve-Kooraste recreational grounds and Kiidjärve nature centre 157,700
  • Räpina-Värska recreational grounds 74,900