RMK Board elected Randel Länts as Chair, Hardi Tullus as Vice-Chair 25.05

RMK Board elected entrepreneur Randel Länts as Chair, Estonian University of Life Sciences silviculture and forest ecology professor Hardi Tullus as Vice-Chair at the session today. In addition to that, the Board decided to pay 33,440,000 euros as dividends into the state budget, according to the 2021-2025 national budget strategy.

“The expectations of society towards RMK have changed over the past 5-6 years, which means that we have an obligation to meet those expectations in forest management as well as in communication with the locals. As Chair of the Board, I think it is important for RMK as a government institution to be open and cooperation-oriented and we should pay particular attention to involving locals in forest management,” says newly-elected Chair of the Board of RMK Randel Länts on their plans for the near future.

In addition to the aforementioned people, the Board of RMK by the directive of the Parliament also includes Yoko Alender and Mihhail Korb, representative of the Ministry of Environment Margit Martinson, representative of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Ando Leppiman, representative of Ministry of Finance Merike Saks and by suggestion of the Minister of Environment, famous experts Ülo Needo and Mihkel Undrest.

The RMK manages almost 30% of all Estonian land and 47% of Estonian forests. The RMK is the keeper, protector and manager of all forests and other diverse nature biomes belonging to the Republic of Estonia. The RMK grows forests, takes care of natural resources, earns income for the government by managing its forests, creates opportunities for physical activity in nature and spreads knowledge about nature.

Further information:
Randel Länts
RMK Chair of the Board
+372 508 4537