RMK stops clear-cutting in Nursipalu 27.01

RMK provided an overview of its activities in Nursipalu at the meeting of the RMK and Ministry of the Environment today. Mikk Marran, Head of the Management Board of RMK, notified minister Madis Kallas of the decision to cease clear-cutting in the areas within the planned training area and stop all forest management activities in the buffer zones of the planned Nursipalu training area.

According to Mikk Marran, Head of the Management Board of RMK, state forests and national defence have been closely tied and RMK wants to support the development of national defence by all means as the manager of state forests.

“We decided to stop clear-cutting in the planned training areas until the needs of the Nursipalu training field have been specified. We will also preemptively cease all forest management activities within the buffer zone to assist in the creation of the 500-metre buffer zone requested by the Ministry of Defence. RMK and the Ministry of Defence have a history of years of good cooperation which I’m sure will continue moving forward,” said Marran.

Madis Kallas, Minister of the Environment, agreed with RMK that right now it is important to calm down the situation and partially suspend current operations in the area. “We also agreed with the Minister of Defence to increase cooperation between the two areas of government in relation to Nursipalu to preemptively discuss all questions and problems in the next steps in a timely manner,” Kallas added.

Background information about the forests of Nursipalu:
RMK has managed the forests of Nursipalu in the same manner as it manages all other forests in Estonia. The forests in the Nursipalu area were planted 50-60 years ago after clear-cutting by the Soviet army. By now, it has grown into a mature even-aged pine forest. RMK continues thinning in Nursipalu to ensure the continued growth of the forest. Thinning provides more vigorous trees with the light and nutrients necessary for their growth.

Further information:
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Strategic communication advisor, RMK
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