11.08.2009 - The hunting areas of the state went through a fundamental administrative change 11.08

RMK has thoroughly reorganised the use of state managed hunting grounds and has handed nine hunting areas, consisting mainly of private properties, over to the Environmental Board. The amount of state land in the six hunting areas that RMK will continue to manage is 75%.

As a result of the reorganisation, RMK is giving up a total of 220 000 hectares of hunting areas located primarily on private lands, and in connection with this has submitted an application to the Environmental Board to prematurely terminate the usage permits of nine hunting areas - Hageri, Ilumetsa, Kaansoo, Kooraste, Leluselja, Leva, Porkuni, Põhja-Kõrvemaa and Vaibla.

According to the Head of RMK’s Hunting Management Department, Kalev Männiste, RMK will continue to manage six hunting areas that will soon be marked analogously with the state forest area. “On RMK’s hunting areas we will primarily continue to offer hunting possibilities to Estonian hunters who do not have the hunting area usage permit”, Männiste said. To private land owners who are also hunters, RMK ensures hunting possibilities in the managed hunting regions, to avoid and prevent game damage.

On behalf of RMK, Kalev Männiste thanked all private land owners for their cooperation, who had until now allowed RMK to use their land ownership as a hunting area. “The land use contracts that were concluded with the land owners will be handed over to new hunting lessees as soon as they are determined,” said Männiste.

RMK is a profit making state agency established with the Forest Act and its main goal is to manage state forests economically and effectively. Additionally, RMK creates vacationing possibilities in the Estonian state forest, organises hunting on its grounds, and helps to preserve game populations of great vitality. RMK manages 38% of Estonia’s forests and 3% of the state’s hunting grounds.

Additional information:
Kalev Männiste
Head of the Hunting Management Department of RMK
Phone: +372 513 9642
E-mail: kalev.mannistermk.ee