Enterprise Estonia recognised the Sagadi Manor Hotel of RMK  28.12

Enterprise Estonia granted the Sagadi Manor Hotel of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) with the national recognition “People Committed to Quality” for two years, which is evidence of the company learning to manage its activities in a more systematic and customer-oriented manner over the past year.

“The name of the quality programme “Estonian Tourism Quality Programme” has an important meaning for us – we are a developing and competitive institution that provides high-quality services,” Krista Keedus, Head of the Sagadi Forest Centre of RMK, said. The assessment was made by independent experts, so it is definitely a guarantee for the customers. According to Krista Keedus, it is especially delightful that recognition was granted for the next two years, as a one-year period, after which one needs to prove themselves again, is generally more common.

“I would like to express special thanks to our Sales and Marketing Manager, Kadi Elmeste, who was the initiator and industrious implementer of the undertaking on our side,” said Krista Keedus.

According to Kadi Elmeste, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Sagadi Manor Hotel, the participation in the quality programme was a very useful experience for the hotel. The six improvement projects and the involvement of the entire team in development activities were useful.

According to her, in the framework of the project, all points of contact in the customer’s journey were reviewed and various improvement activities implemented for increasing customer satisfaction and the number of repeat visits.

“On the one hand, the quality programme helped increase service quality, designating specific deadlines for the implementation of improvement activities; on the other hand, we received the opportunity to communicate with other specialists working in the same field and exchange professional experience,” said Kadi Elmeste, assessing the work done.

Together with the RMK Sagadi Manor Hotel, 15 tourism companies were granted the national recognition "People Committed to Quality" in December. Recognition is proof that a company has learned to manage its activities in a more systematic and customer-oriented manner over the past year. The decision regarding recognition is adopted on the basis of external evaluation results and the materials submitted by the companies. The recognition “People Committed to Quality” is valid for 1-2 years. Enterprise Estonia began granting quality recognitions in 2004; as of today, 50 tourism companies across Estonia have participated in the programme and been recognised.

Additional information:
Krista Keedus
Head of the Sagadi Forest Centre of RMK
Tel 507 9077
E-mail krista.keedus@rmk.ee