RMK and the non-profit association Club Tartu Maraton concluded a land lease contract 06.10

On 5 October, RMK and Club Tartu Maraton concluded a 10-year land lease contract for using state forest land as a skiing, running and cycling trail.

The contract applies to trail sections situated on state forest land and it states the conditions of land use and the rights and duties of the Parties.

According to Club Tartu Maraton Management Board Member Indrek Kelk, this is the most important land use agreement of the year, as the percentage of state forest land under the marathon trail is rather high. The marathon trail runs through approximately 17 km of state forest land in Valga County, the rural municipalities of Palupera, Otepää and Sangaste, and through approximately 3.5 km in Tartu County and the rural municipalities of Nõo and Rõngu.

The contract was signed by Indrek Kelk, management board member of Club Tartu Maraton, and Risto Sepp, Forest Manager of RMK’s Valga County Forest District.

“According to the agreement, the organisers of public events will notify RMK 10 days prior to the event. This way we will know who is operating on state forest land and who is responsible,” explained Risto Sepp.

RMK also has other similar land lease contracts in Valga County. A contract has been signed with the non-profit organisation Otepää Liikumisrajad for the Kääriku Kekkose ski trail and with the non-profit organisation Spordiklubi Vitraaž for the lease of state land under the ski trail near Tõrva.

Additional information:

Risto Sepp

RMK Valga County Forest Manager

Tel: +372 513 0147

E-mail: risto.sepp@rmk.ee

Indrek Kelk

Member of the Management Board of non-profit association Club Tartu Maraton

Tel: +372 51 63 260

E-mail: indrek@tartumaraton.ee