RMK grantees for 2009 have been chosen  06.10

On 2 October, the committee chose two RMK grantees from the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EULS) and one grantee from the Luua Forestry School.

The Heino Teder Grant, the purpose of which is to support forestry education, was awarded to Argo Strantsov, 2nd year master’s candidate in the speciality of forestry. Argo has shown great progress in his studies, is socially active and works, in addition to studying, for the forestry improvement planning firm Laanekraav OÜ.
The other grantee was Aleksei Andrianov, a 2nd year master’s candidate from the same field, who is planning to continue his studies on the Doctoral level.

8 master’s candidates from EULS applied for the grant. RMK awards

two EEK 50 000 grants per academic year (for 10 months, EEK 5000 every month).

The Toomas Ehrpais Grant, awarded to Luua Forestry School forest management students, was given to Marek Kangur, to whom RMK will pay EEK 3000 every month for one academic year. The choice was made on the basis of progress in studies and professional and social activeness.

The purpose of the Toomas Ehrpais Grant is the popularisation of fields related to forestry, increasing the motivation of students studying forestry and the wish to contribute to ensuring a qualified labour force for RMK.

Additional information:

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