RMK Elistvere Animal Park

Wild animals live with people due to injuries received in accidents or because they have lost their mother. Elistvere Animal Park is a place where, due to the hand of fate, wild animals that depend on people live. Their unusual fate gives people an excellent opportunity to learn more about them.

The animal park shows wild animals that live and used to live in Estonia in as natural conditions as possible.

In Elistvere Animal Park, you can see European buffalo, elk, reindeer, wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, brown bear, lynx, fox, raccoon dog, common squirrel and pheasant. In the interior rooms, guinea pigs, degus, hamsters, gerbils, Cairo spiny mice, lab rats, chinchillas and lab mice can be examined.

Elistvere Animal Park and nature trails are marked with various information stands and boards. Several plants along the nature trails are labelled. There are several plants under nature protection among the plants that grow in the park.

The newer portion of the nature trail introduces the lifestyle of beavers and other forest biota. People can admire beautiful views and ancient trees in the manor park. Elistvere Lake is the special conservation area of Natura 2000.

Elistvere Animal Park was established in 1997. Until 2002, the animal park was managed by the Vooremaa Nature Centre Foundation. From 2002-2008, the animal park was managed by non-profit organisation Eesti Metsaselts. As of 1 July 2008, Elistvere Animal Park is a part of RMK’s Tartu-Jõgeva rest area.