Karula National Park

The smallest national park in Estonia created to protect the hilly landscapes and cultural heritage of Southern Estonia.


Võru and Valga County, Antsla, Karula, Mõniste and Varstu Rural Municipality


Picturesque Lake Ähijärv, Hill Tornimägi in Rebasemõisa, hilly landscapes


Hiking tours on foot and by bicycle, camping, nature education, experience tourism, fishing, nature photography


RMK information point in the Karula National Park centre


Tel: +372 782 8350


E-mail: karula.teabepunkt@rmk.ee


address Ähijärve Village, Antsla Rural Municipality, Võru County


Open from 15 May till 15 September every day from 10.00-18.00

Visit organiser


Manager of the protected area

Põlva-Valga-Võru region of the Environmental Board

Nature in Karula National Park (123 km²) is versatile. The landscapes dominating in the northern part of Karula are heritage culture landscapes that have formed as a result of human activities over the course of hundreds of years. Dispersed farms are separated by fields, grasslands, coppices and lakes. This is where most of the population has settled down. In Southern Karula, however, are extensive forest massives with small marshes and bogs separating them. The biggest forests of south-eastern Estonia grow in Karula, far over the borders of the national park. Woods cover over 70% of the national park’s territory.

A great number of lakes formed in Karula uplands when ice-sheets started to retreat, 38 of the lakes are within the boundaries of Karula National Park. The biggest lake here is Lake Ähijärv (176 ha) with a rambling shoreline and the deepest lake is Lahe Savijärv (Clay Lake, 18 m).

RMK is the organiser of visits to the Soomaa National Park since February 2009.