Lahemaa National Park

The largest and oldest national park created to protect the nature and cultural heritage of the Northern Estonian coastal landscape.


Northern Estonia


The coast of Northern Estonia, with its peninsulas and bays, diverse forests, the Baltic Klint, alvars, rich cultural heritage


Sightseeing cultural heritage, nature studies, hiking tours on foot and by bicycle, camping, nature photography


RMK information point in the Lahemaa National Park centre

Tel: +372 329 5555


address Palmse, Vihula Rural Municipality, West-Viru County

Open hours:

15 April to 15 October Mo-Su 9.00-18.00
16 October to 14 May Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00

RMK Oandu nature centre-information point

Tel: +372 676 7010


address Oandu, Vihula Rural Municipality, West-Viru County


15 Apr -   14 May  Mon - Sun  10.00-17.00
15 May -  15 Sept Mon - Sun  10.00-18.00
16 Sept - 15 Oct   Mon - Sun  10.00-17.00
16 Oct -   14 Apr   Wed - Fri   10.00-16.00

Visit organiser


Manager of the protected area

Viru region of the Environmental Board
Harju-Järva-Rapla region of the Environmental Board

Lahemaa National Park was created to preserve, study and demonstrate the Northern Estonian nature and cultural heritage characteristic of the area, including the ecosystems, biological diversity, landscapes, national culture and conservative use of nature. Forest, bog and beach ecosystems are protected here, also semi-natural communities (alvars), geological monuments (Baltic Klint) and historical and architectural monuments.

The area of the national park extends over 725 km², of which 474 km² is land and 251 km² is sea.