Vilsandi National Park

Vilsandi National Park was founded to protect the nature and cultural heritage of the coastal landscapes on Western Estonian islands.


Saare County


Numerous bird species, characteristic vegetation, fauna of a brackish water sea


Hiking trips on foot, bird-watching, nature education, fishing


RMK information point in the Vilsandi National Park centre


Tel: +372 454 6880


address Loona village, Kihelkonna Rural Municipality, Saare County


Open Mon-Fri 9-17

Visit organiser


Manager of the protected area

Hiiu-Lääne-Saare region of the Environmental Board

Vilsandi National Park comprises the Island of Vilsandi with the islets and boulders surrounding it, and the bays of Kihelkonna, Kuusnõmme and Atla with the islands in them. Vilsandi National Park includes about 100 islands and the surface area is 180 km². Vilsandi itself is small – 6 km long and barely 3 km wide.

Vilsandi is the only inhabited island in the protected area. The coastline of the island is sub-divided into coves, capes and many coastal islands. The western and northern shores are mostly rocky dolomite shores. The nature there is, first and foremost, characterised by the sea climate, abundant wild birds, characteristic vegetation distinctive to coastal areas and an interesting brackish water sea fauna.

RMK is the organiser of visits to the Vilsandi National Park since February 2009.