Endla Nature Reserve

The main assets of the area are the versatility of wet habitats, the bogs and wellsprings of Endla.


On the borderline of Järva, Jõgeva and West-Viru counties


Various marshes, fens, quaking bogs, lakes, canebrakes, wellsprings, rivers, fen forests, fens and mesotrophic mires, marsh forests, meadows, diverse flora and fauna.


Tel: +372 676 7999

Visit organiser


Manager of the protected area

Jõgeva-Tartu region of the Environmental Board, partly also Harju-Järva-Rapla and Viru region of the Environmental Board

Rules of conduct

Camping and making a fire is permitted only in designated places. Organising public events of more than 20 participants requires the permission of the manager of the protected area. Driving by car on the roads of the protected area is allowed, but driving with an all-terrain vehicle requires the permission of the manager of the protected area. Read more on the restrictions here (in estonian).

Additional information

Endla Nature Reserve includes the unique Norra-Oostriku-Vilbaste wellspring area. The area is rich in protected species as well as in their habitats. Throughout time, it has also been a great place for conducting research and studies. The diversity of ecosystems is of major relevance to the area. The reserve was created in 1985 and since 1997 it is one of the wetlands of international importance (Ramisar wetlands) and since 2004 one of the Natura 2000 bird and nature areas.