Nigula Nature Reserve

One of the oldest and best studied marsh and ecosystem protection areas is known as a bog reference areas across Europe.


Pärnu County


Lake Rabajärv, marsh mosaic, mesotrophic mire, marsh-end wetland, marsh islands (should be), broad-leaved virgin forest


RMK Kabli nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 505 8242




address Kabli Village, Häädemeeste Rural Municipality, Pärnu County

Visit organiser


Manager of the protected area

Pärnu-Viljandi region of the Environmental Board

Rules of conduct

People are allowed to be on the protected area with the approval of the manager of the protected area, if they move on the prepared and marked study and hiking trail, and are allowed to organise public events with up to 50 participants. To organise events with more than 50 people requires a permit from the manager of the protected area. Driving floating vessels and fishing on the waters of the protected area is not allowed.

Additional information

The area was created in 1957 and since 1979 it is a bird area of international importance. Since 1997 is one of the wetlands of international importance (Ramisar wetlands) and since 2004 one of the Natura 2000 bird and nature areas. Since 2007, it has belonged to the first Northern European cross-border wetland complex with international importance. Also in the Northern Livonian complex.