Silma Nature Reserve

The relict lakes, canebrakes and beach meadows of Haapsalu Bay and Noarootsi Peninsula are what make the area unique.


Lääne County


Bird migration, interesting communities


RMK Nõva nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 508 1180




address Peraküla, Nõva Rural Municipality, Lääne County

Visit organiser


Manager of the protected area

Hiiu-Lääne-Saare region of the Environmental Board

Rules of conduct

Amateur fishing in Silma Nature Reserve is not allowed after the ice retreats (in the case of no ice, starting from 15 March) until 31 July. Waterway traffic by motorised water crafts is also forbidden. Prohibited is the riding of bicycles anywhere else but on the designated roads and trails, as well as the use of motor vehicles to get about or their parking on roads or in parking lots not meant for it. Camping and making a fire is allowed only in the designated places.