Viidumäe Nature Reserve

The nature reserve values the nature, rare species, communities and habitats in the western part of Saare County.


Saare County


Endemic plant species Saaremaa yellow rattle (Rhinanthus osiliensis)


RMK Mändjala nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 676 7762


address Mändjala, Saare County

Visit organiser


Manager of the protected area

Hiiu-Lääne region of the Environmental Board

Rules of conduct

People are allowed to enter the protected area if they stay on the two prepared and marked hiking trails and in the Rauna observation tower.

Additional information

Viidumäe nature reserve was founded in 1957 and its surface area is 1846 hectares. The main purpose of the area is to protect rare species, communities and habitats, but also the diversity of all the nature in that territory.