Põlva County


The old valley of river Ahja with its sandstone outcrops, the old valleys of Kooraste with rivers and lakes, beautiful forest areas, vivid marsh spots, varied relief


Hiking tours on foot and by bicycle, boat and canoe trips, skiing and other sportive activities (orienteering, cross-country running, sports games), nature educational training visits, nature-watching, picking mushrooms and berries, fishing


RMK Kiidjärve nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 676 7122


E-mail: kiidjarve.looduskeskus@rmk.ee


address Kiidjärve Village, Vastse-Kuuste Rural Municipality, 63604 Põlva County


RMK Erastvere nature centre


Tel: +372 676 7816


E-mail: erastvere.looduskeskus@rmk.ee


address Erastvere Village, Kanepi Rural Municipality, 63105 Põlva County

Manager of the protected areas

Põlva-Valga-Võru region of the Environmental Board


To find out about the possibilities for an active holiday in the RMK Kiidjärve-Kooraste recreation area, visit the homepage of RMK partnerMatkajuht OÜ

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The Kiidjärve-Kooraste recreation area is located in the northern part of Põlva County, 40 km from Tartu and 10 km from Põlva. The river passing through the area is called Ahja. The forest is rich in mostly mushrooms and berries. Extending along the meander belt on an 80 km² stretch of land is an area extremely rich in various archaeological, historical and nature historical sights of interests. Therefore, the basic idea of the recreation area is nature educational outings.

The Kiidjärve-Kooraste recreation area is divided into two: Kiidjärve-Taevaskoja and Erastvere-Kooraste.