North-western part of West-Viru County and north-eastern part of Harju County


Oandu nature centre and Sagadi forest centre programmes introducing nature and forestry history, local entrepreneurs introducing historical and national folklore


Hiking, bicycling, nature and heritage culture trips, nature-watching, camping, having a picnic, nature photography


RMK Oandu nature centre-information point


Tel: +372 676 7010


E-mail: oandu.looduskeskus@rmk.ee


address Oandu, Vihula Rural Municipality, 45432 West-Viru County

Manager of the protected areas

Harju-Järva-Rapla region of the Environmental Board
Viru region of the Environmental Board


To find out about the possibilities for an active holiday in RMK’s North-Estonian recreation area, visit the homepage of RMK partners Matkajuht OÜ and Matkad.ee

Recreation area map

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Over the course of thousands of years, the North-Estonian recreation area, which is rich in forests, has been developed hand in hand by nature and man. Diverse landscapes offer wonderful possibilities for hiking, picking berries and mushrooms and for other ways of spending a forest holiday. Forestry has always been a relevant field of activity in this area and therefore a lot of heritage culture that deserves discovering is still there. The North-Estonian recreation area extends, for the most part, to protected areas, and because of this the objective of RMK is to create conditions in the state forest for people to go there without damaging it.

To this end, nearly 50 km of teaching and hiking trails have been created, as well as several camping and rest areas. Building a campfire and camping is allowed only in designated and accordingly marked areas. The camping areas are not suitable for organising big events; organising nature camps is allowed.